Envirocare Liquid Alive Ordor Digester and Cleaner Twice as concentrated as Dymon Enzyme Treatment


Envirocare liquid alive is a non toxic industrial strength live enzyme bacteria treatment to eliminate bad malodors caused by rotten goods dampness, vomit, blood stains, urine, organic matter, fecal, mold, mildew, body excretion, musty order, etc.

Simoniz Hospital grade Disinfectant Spray


Simonize disinfectant spray

Simoniz Vision Clear Glass Cleaner Cleans Windshields, Windows, Glasses, Screen and Mirrors Streak Free Ammonia Free


The first thing a consumer looks for in purchasing a glass cleaner is its streak free quality; the second is having an environmentally friendly option; the third is the price.

Mothers or Flitz which is the best metal polish


There a number of metal polish brands on the market, all promising to deliver a spotless shine on your aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel, copper, etc. Some just polish, other shine, polishes and leaves behind a wonderful luster.

Playground for Seniors Multigenerational Parks


Nowadays, it is no longer an uncommon sight to find senior citizens having fun with playground equipment that are specifically designed for their age. Even years ago, there have been playground equipment for adults in China. As years pass, this trend continues to become more popular not just in Asia and Europe, but as well as in the United States. In Barcelona alone, there are about 300 parks that have playground facilities for senior citizens.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Tote Bags


Are you a member of Delta? Are you searching for tote bags for your Delta Sigma Theta sorority convention or event?

The Best Flitz metal polish liquid or paste deals on Amazon


There are a great deals on metal polish choices on the market: liquid or paste, in a can or in a tube, small containers like a 5.29 ounce for small projects, or a 2 lb can or gallon container for large boats and marine projects.

How to Maintain the value of vintage brass with metal paste cleaner


Brass items definitely have value, but of course, that would be based upon the design, age, use, and condition. By maintaining the clean condition of your vintage brass, you have valuable asset on hand. Of course, if you neglect cleaning and caring for them, all these assets will be wasted. Keep these instructions and follow these steps as needed and you will surely spend many years enjoying your vintage collection.

Polishing your Harley Davidson Motorcycle with Flitz Metal Polish


Since the Harley-Davidson-Motorcycle has been called the king of the road, you have the obligation to look after and take care of your king. This would mean cleaning, polishing and proper maintenance.

How to Clean Rust Off Metal


When cleaning the rust from the metal surface, it is challenging. But there are actually different ways for you to remove the rust on copper, aluminum, tin, chrome, stainless steel, brass and other hard metal surfaces. The method you use for cleaning would depend on the kind of object and the amount of rust buildup. At home, there are different cleaning tools and household products that you can use. Since they are readily available, you wouldn’t have to experience difficulty cleaning them.

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