Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner the Best Commercial Rust Removing Product

There are several rust removal products on the market, some designed for specific metal, like Simichrome, which polishes and clean chrome metal; still, there are metal cleaning products like Colonel Brassy that cleans a host of difference metal like brass, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, gold, silver, among others.

While a few of the metal rust removing products on the market are designated as natural products, the most effective rust removing metal cleaning products are made from some kind of chemical compound of a low-level hazardous nature, such as a low dose of phosphoric acid. Conversely, Colonel Brassy metal cleaner made from the following:
Citric Acid 4.5%
Stearoamphoacetate 12%
Propylene Glycol 18%
Diatomaceous Earth 24%
Water/Inerts 41.5%

The chemical solution in Colonel Brassy react to the rust or oxidation of the metal and convert it into a combination that can be easily rubbed off with a cloth.

Depending on the metal and the severity of the rust only a small amount of Colonel Brassy will do. Too much application of Colonel Brassy metal cleaner can give rise to an abrasive result

For metals like gold and silver and fixtures where the layer of chrome is very thin, only a small application of Colonel Brassy will do.

The instructions on many metal cleaning polish will indicate the use of gloves and even mask when cleaning metal. Colonel Brassy is not that abrasive or hazardous and a mask is not usually required.

The sooner you can apply the metal cleaner to your rusty metal the better. If metal sits for a protracted period of time, the tarnish becomes more severe and the work required to clean it more demanding. From the moment the signs of rust can be seen, use a small amount of Colonel brassy on a microfiber cloth to quickly remove the rust. A bottle of Colonel Brassy will not only keep the rust out of your metal, it will give a shine and protective coat as well.

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