Envirocare Liquid Alive Odor Digester and Cleaner Twice as concentrated as Dymon Enzyme Treatment


Envirocare liquid alive is a non toxic industrial strength live enzyme bacteria treatment to eliminate bad malodors caused by rotten goods dampness, vomit, blood stains, urine, organic matter, fecal, mold, mildew, body excretion, musty order, etc.

500 Alliterations for Powerful Speech and Writing


Merriam-Webster says that "alliterations is a consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables are repeated". It is a literacy device that adds spice to a speech or a sentence.

Use Colonel Brassy metal cleaner to polish brass antique/vintage art


Colonel Brassy is used to clean a variety of metal and porcelain pieces and does a fantastic job of cleaning and polish brass metal.
Cleaning a brass vintage or antique art is simple. First, washing it with a clean cloth that is deep in detergent with a little vinegar and a sprinkle of salt to remove any dirt on the first layer. This will remove the top layer of grime on the sculpture, statue, or whatever article of art you are cleaning.

Cleaning an Antique Brass Fire Extinguisher with Flitz Brass and Copper Tarnish Remover KIT


Thinking of your next garage product? Cleaning that antique brass fire extinguisher of your grandparents that has been sitting there for the last 50 years.

The Best Flitz metal polish liquid or paste deals on Amazon


There are a great deals on metal polish choices on the market: liquid or paste, in a can or in a tube, small containers like a 5.29 ounce for small projects, or a 2 lb can or gallon container for large boats and marine projects.

How to Maintain the value of vintage brass with metal paste cleaner


Brass items definitely have value, but of course, that would be based upon the design, age, use, and condition. By maintaining the clean condition of your vintage brass, you have valuable asset on hand. Of course, if you neglect cleaning and caring for them, all these assets will be wasted. Keep these instructions and follow these steps as needed and you will surely spend many years enjoying your vintage collection.

Mothers or Flitz which is the best metal polish


There a number of metal polish brands on the market, all promising to deliver a spotless shine on your aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel, copper, etc. Some just polish, other shine, polishes and leaves behind a wonderful luster.

Simoniz Hospital grade Disinfectant Spray


Simonize disinfectant spray

RMC Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant Guidelines regarding Coronavirus COVID-19


Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant has been approved under the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogen Guidance, activated in response to the current coronavirus outbreak. Do’s and Don’ts When Protecting Yourself Against Coronavirus Cover your coughs and sneezes Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.

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