RMC Perfecto 7 Lavender Neutral Cleaner Concentrate Wholesale 4 Gallon Case

  • RMC Perfecto 7 Lavender Neutral Cleaner  Concentrate Wholesale 4 Gallon Case

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Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner

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Envirocare liquid alive is a non toxic industrial strength live enzyme bacteria treatment to eliminate bad malodors caused by rotten goods dampness, vomit, blood stains, urine, organic matter, fecal, mold, mildew, body excretion, musty order, etc.

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How to Maintain the value of vintage brass with metal paste cleaner


Brass items definitely have value, but of course, that would be based upon the design, age, use, and condition. By maintaining the clean condition of your vintage brass, you have valuable asset on hand. Of course, if you neglect cleaning and caring for them, all these assets will be wasted. Keep these instructions and follow these steps as needed and you will surely spend many years enjoying your vintage collection.

How to polish gold and silver jewelry with Colonel Brassy hard surface cleaner


In the case of silver, the main objective would be to remove the tarnish and dull look. You will need to apply a mild amount of Colonel Brassy paste on a damp cloth. Rub on your silver pieces until you have achieved the desirable shine.

How to polish porcelain with Colonel Brassy Hard Surface Cleaner from Vertex Industries


Porcelain which is usually identified as a white vitrified translucent ceramic is made from clay, flint, and silica combined under intense heat. Porcelain although not as sturdy as stainless steel or aluminum has a high degree of durability and an aspect of gorgeousness that makes it appealing, desired by many as the primary material for tiles, sinks, bathroom fixtures and other elements in the home.

Cleaning Stainless Steel with Colonel Brassy Hard Surface Cleaner


Don't  use steel wool and SOS for cleaning your stainless steel. These can be abrasive and, although they may clean, they never give a shine. Use Colonel Brassy - the general of metal polish.

Using Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner to Clean Cast-Iron Metal Products


To remove the rusty area place a suitable amount of Colonel Brassy hard surface metal cleaner until a piece of cloth and rub vigorously to the affect area. Then paint the treated area with a metal primer, followed by a rust-inhibiting paint.

Polishing Aluminum with Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner


Unlike iron and steel, Aluminum does not rust, it corrodes - aluminum oxide fused hard water stains, dust, calcium, lime, tarnish, grease, oil, and carbon. There are different kinds of Aluminum-based on quality and intended purpose. There are Aluminum alloy, polished Aluminum, clear coated Aluminum, brushed Aluminum and Aluminum Magnesium.

Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner the Best Commercial Rust Removing Product


The sooner you can apply the metal cleaner to your rusty metal the better. If metal sits for a protracted period of time, the tarnish becomes more severe and the work required to clean it more demanding. From the moment the signs of rust can be seen, use a small amount of Colonel brassy on a microfiber cloth to quickly remove the rust. Colonel Brassy will not only keep the rust out of your metal, it will give a shine and protective coat as well.

How to clean and polish your Harley Davidson Motorcycle with Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner


Giving a good clean and polish to your Harley Davidson motorcycle with Colonel Brassy metal cleaner brings much satisfaction at the end from seeing the results of beautifully polished chrome, aluminum and stainless steel elements of your Harley - almost too polished to be driven.

Use Colonel Brassy metal cleaner to polish brass antique/vintage art


Colonel Brassy is used to clean a variety of metal and porcelain pieces and does a fantastic job of cleaning and polish brass metal.
Cleaning a brass vintage or antique art is simple. First, washing it with a clean cloth that is deep in detergent with a little vinegar and a sprinkle of salt to remove any dirt on the first layer. This will remove the top layer of grime on the sculpture, statue, or whatever article of art you are cleaning.

Chrome polish Colonel Brassy Hard Surface Metal Cleaner Will Clean Your Rusty Dull Chrome


The world famous Colonel Brassy produced by Vertex Industries of New York has received great reviews on Amazon, Ebay, motorcycle forums and is without a doubt one of the best chrome metal polish on the market. It is not as abrasive as other metal polishers and is one of the preferred metal cleaner used by motorcycle owners, big rig drivers, vintage and antique owners and janitors.

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